Andrew Gethin

The Boss (Big Cheese)

My interest in computers really began at age 13 when I started programming in machine language on the Commodore 64; small programs mostly written for myself that would be termed "apps" these days. Following a Software Engineering course at Stafford University, I fell into various jobs building or maintaining PCs, culminating in a post as Technical Advisor to Mitac Europe in Telford during their time building Compaq desktop PCs.

In early 2003 I decided to go it alone and formed AMG IT Solutions. Our reputation for being at the forefront of technology and our unparalleled customer service means that AMG IT Solutions has grown steadily year on year.

In my spare time I like to snowboard and go mountain biking, but of course my passion for computers means I spend a considerable amount of time gaming or hosting LAN parties. I also dabble in electronics and build my own custom lighting systems.

Bob Morley

IT Engineer / Server Specialist / Web design and developer

From a very young age I had an interest in all things electronic and how they work. My dad used to bring home old fax machines and telephones that people had left behind in offices that he rented out. I used to take them apart before he could use them and never really get round to putting them back together. I started computing at primary school where I learned a small amount of programming in a language called BASIC on the BBC Micro. From there my interest grew and my parents funded my first PC build at 12 years old.

Since leaving college I have worked for:

  • BT Yahoo / BT Connect
  • Griffin Internet
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Zibrant

I have a great passion for multiplayer computer games and snowboarding, I am still working on a way to combine them.

Paul Cox

IT Engineer / Desktop Deployment / Server Engineer

As far back as I can remember I've been enthusiastic about computers, from my ZX Spectrum +3 at the age of 8, to my first PC four years later. My interests have always been in gaming, flight simulation and the PC hardware to run it all, which I've watched evolved, become more sophisticated and powerful over the years. The joy of designing and putting together a modern custom PC and breathing life into the 'fresh build'. My career in IT has taken me from Rolls Royce, Capita and BT, to small/medium business, schools and project consultancy.

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